Ephesians 1: Extra Blessing Therapy!

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This Sunday we are delighted to be having Greg Prosper bringing us a message from God’s Word. Greg is a full-time army chaplain and a long-time friend of Concord Baptist Church.

He’s sharing EBT with us: extra blessing therapy!

Paul wrote Ephesians from prison, most likely in Rome. He was isolated and separated from friends. How did he handle this time of separation?

Paul ponders his spiritual blessings. He praises God for ‘every spiritual blessing’. Physical, material blessing are not unimportant. But these spiritual blessings are already ours now as opposed to other physical blessings which come via prayer and God’s sovereign will.

Trying to count the number of spiritual blessings mentioned in the 14 verses is like eating spaghetti: messy and tangled but very nourishing and yummy!

Join us tomorrow!

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