Concord Baptist Church is a family of regular people who love Jesus and have found that life works best when we do it together with God and each other. Our goal is to be a welcoming and inclusive community of people; we might not have all the answers but we are listening to God’s Word and caring for one another along the way. As a church we are on a journey; seeking to discover what living with God’s Holy Spirit looks like in a multicultural city like Sydney. It is our privilege to worship together with people from a wide range of ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Our regular Sunday Service starts at 9:30am. All welcome!


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Latest Sermon at CBC

The Battle of Jericho – our mind is flooded with familiarity.

Perhaps we have learnt about this story in kids church or taught it ourselves. Maybe we have seen numerous cartoon depictions of Israel marching around the walls of the city. Regardless, most of us are familiar with the story.

That is what makes it so ironic that we are only familiar with one part of the story.

So, what do we do with the army of angels that approaches Joshua beforehand.

More importantly, how do we approach the issue of an entire city brought to complete annihilation in the name of Yahweh?

Please pray that God would even now be preparing our hearts for when we meet to think about these things together on Sunday.

– Reiss Robinson (26 May 2024)