Mission Support

Mission (cross-cultural, world & local) has always been important to Concord Baptist. As a church body, we financially support and pray for the following people.

Alice & AJ Peters | Pioneers - Spain

Alice and A.J. live in Spain with their young daughter Koa. They are passionate about seeing native Spanish people and immigrants from all over the world come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Partnering with local churches and believers they disciple, encourage and equip believers to obey Jesus, disciple those around them, and share the gospel with those who’ve not yet heard. Alice and A.J. do this in the context of multiplying discipleship groups. They use simple, reproducible tools with discovery and discipleship groups. They mentor, encourage and teach them simple ways to engage with their families, neighbours and co-workers. Spain is a transit destination for many people from other countries. There is a great potential for sharing with people who’ve come from nations that are closed to the gospel and who’ve never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and for those people to share with their families, friends and contacts. Visit Pioneers: https://pioneers.org.au/

Angela & U-Don Ngiam | Freedom to Flourish ( WEC) - Sydney

For the past 4 years, Angela has been co-leading the Freedom to Flourish Ministry in partnership with Caroline Hockstetter. Freedom to Flourish is a ministry partnership between WEC Hope’s Sydney Refugee Team and some other mission groups (SIM and Pioneers) working amongst new migrants, the majority from refugee backgrounds. It was established to respond to the specific mental health needs in the refugee community right here in the heart of Sydney. Visit WEC: https://wec.com.au/.

Tanya Edwards

Tanya grew up on the mission field and attended an MK (Missionary Kids) school in Africa. She returned to Australia for her higher education and trained as a Primary school teacher. After completing theological training at SMBC, Tanya applied to a Missionary Childrens School in Asia that teaches primary aged children. Having been herself in this position as a child she has great empathy and understanding of the needs of missionary children. She serves through SIM Australia

We also are connected with a number of other missionaries who we prayerfully support.

Brigitte Rakow | Fusion Australia

Brigitte has been working with Fusion Australia (Christian Youth & Community Organisation) for 30 yrs. At the end of 2021 she moved to Poatina, TAS where she is semi-retired. Her main role is helping with catering in the Chalet for the various Conferences that are held throughout the year. The Chalet & Poatina village seek to share the good news of Jesus by providing a loving & accepting atmosphere and Brigitte continually looks for ways to share Christ’s love.

Emily & Dan Bemmer | Uni Ministry - Sydney

Emily is working with the Evangelical Union (EU) at Sydney University. Bringing the gospel to Design Students at the University; mentoring students, leading Bible studies and participating in sharing the good news on campus. Dan is currently in his final year of studies at Moore Theological College in preparation for full-time University ministry in 2025.