Big News: God has a Plan!

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After the bad news last week where God’s good creation descended into chaos, this week should cheer you up: God has a plan!

May this week’s story of Abram be an encouragement to us as we persevere in trusting God as well!

Join us this Sunday at 10am as we continue our Big Story series:

Not What Was Advertised?

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As we look around the world, it doesn’t take long for us to recognize that the world we inhabit looks nothing like the paradise that God created.

So what went wrong?

What hope is there for humankind?

Join us this Sunday at 10am as we continue our Big Story series:

In the Beginning

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This week we start a new series, doing a Bible overview starting with creation.

Can we still believe in the idea of creation as post-modern 21st century people?

What was the point of creation?

Was suffering a part of God’s plan?

Join us this Sunday at 10am as we take a peek at where it all began:


The Parable of the Talents

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What is the goal or purpose of your life?

The point of the Christian life is not to sit around waiting for Jesus to return, ignoring or burying the gifts God has given us.

One day, we too will stand before God. On that day may hear Him say “Well done good and faithful servant!”

Join us for this week’s parable of Jesus at 10am this Sunday:

Venezuelan refugees in Arequipa receive weekly food aid

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Concord Baptist Church members David and Christine Jeyachandran work with university students in Arequipa, Peru.

Finding himself unable to go into the universities because only those doing essential work are allowed a work permit, David is helping with SIM‘s Disaster Relief project in Arequipa. Christine and their three children remain locked down except for the very recent approval for children to be allowed out for thirty minutes exercise a day.

With a curfew and quarantine of all non-essential workers, the coronavirus has created a desperate situation for many Peruvians, especially for Venezuelan refugees, who number more than 12,000 in Arequipa and have no access to government help or any family support. They’d normally make their living selling on the streets or cleaning windscreens, but since the streets are empty they have no source of income.

To support this most vulnerable group of people through this critical time, SIM Peru has launched a relief project to provide emergency food relief to this most vulnerable group of people as well as to some Peruvians in extreme need.

In the first week of the project, the team distributed 150 packages but this has increased to 800 and the list is still growing. A food bag costs about 40 to 45 soles ($18-20) and contains:
– two kg potatoes,
– two kg rice,
– one kg spaghetti,
– one kg lentils,
– one kg oatmeal,
– 500 gr beans,
– 500 gr sugar,
– three cans of milk,
– two cans of tuna, and
– a bar of soap.

The team also inserts a copy of John’s Gospel, Christian literature and sometimes a handwritten note of encouragement.

Where possible, workers look for conversations with the Venezuelans, many of whom are open to the gospel. SIM Peru is now planning how best to stay in contact with the refugees after the crisis.

SIM Peru project – 91155 COVID-19 Emergency Relief if you’d like to donate.

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

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Forgiveness. In theory, everyone loves the idea of forgiveness. When we make a mistake, we love it when other people are gracious and kind and forgive us straight away.

But what happens when someone hurts us?

In the parable of the unforgiving servant, Jesus is teaching us two key lessons about forgiveness.

Join us at 10am on Sunday to find out more.