New to Church

What does a Sunday look like?

Our gathered times (often called a “service”) can look slightly different each week. Generally though, during our services we’ll sing some songs worshiping God and helping us to focus on Him (lead by our music team), there will be some prayers, readings from the Bible, a time of interaction (where you can say “hi” to people), announcements, an offering  (see below) and a talk (or “sermon”). We usually finish our time in the main part of the building by singing together, before heading out to our hall for a cup of fairtrade tea or coffee.

We have a couple of people available at the end of each service for anyone wanting to sit and talk and pray with them.

Coming together to celebrate Jesus, worship God and encourage one another should be an enjoyable time for everyone – no one should make you sing or pray or do anything you don’t want to do!

The more structured part of our time together (the service) is usually finished by around 11am.

What time should I arrive?

Our gathered times start at 9:30am on a Sunday. Parking is available in streets around the church – it’s probably best to aim to arrive a few minutes before 9:30am.

Where should I sit?

You can sit wherever you like.

A couple of people will be there to welcome you at the door and to show you in.

We try to keep the very back row free for those with prams and babies or small children, so they can access the cry room easily if they need to.

Are my kids welcome?

Of course!

We meet together as a large group and then, later in the service, the kids in primary school head out to Kid’s Church, where they will have their own Bible-based lessons and activities (led by volunteer teachers/supervisors). There is also a crèche for infants and babies.  During holidays, we provide activity sheets and exercises for the primary kids to do during the service.

If you’d prefer to have your children with you during the entire service, that is absolutely fine too.

Do I have to pay?

No, you do not have to pay any money when you attend our church.

At one point in the service an “offering” is usually taken up (red velvet bags are passed around as music is played) – this is for the regular members to provide their financial support to the work of the church and our workers overseas. You should not feel any obligation to put money in the bag when it comes by you!

Tea and coffee after the service is also free of charge.

What should I wear?

We’re not too fussed and want you to feel comfortable. Many people at our church wear jeans or shorts and t-shirts, some wear slightly more formal outfits – but there are no real rules.

How do I connect in?

Hopefully, if you are new, you will receive a “care card” at the front door when you arrive – otherwise you’ll find one in the pew in front of you. Please do fill in your details on the card and either pop the card into the offering bag when it comes by – or hand it to one of the pastors or other members of the church. We’ll do our best to ensure someone gets in contact with you as soon as possible – to find out more about who you are, what you’re looking for in a church and how we can support and encourage you in your faith journey.

Check out other activities on our website and feel free to ask more about becoming involved!