Treasure in Jars of Clay

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I’ve never met someone who didn’t want to be well thought of. As people, all of us want to be admired and respected and appreciated; if only by a small group of friends and family. Taken too far, this desire can become an obsession with looking right, sounding right, and acting the right way in order to fit in and …

Letter or Spirit?

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Letters are on the way out and emails have taken over. This fact is causing Australia Post to lose millions of dollars each year. $1 to post a standard letter is starting to get a bit steep. Most of us receive multiple emails each day and from a huge variety of sources. A lot of them we can simply discard. …

God’s Comfort

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In the early hours of last Sunday morning, the city of Orlando became the scene of America’s largest ever shooting massacre. We read with great sadness the accounts of the madness and evil perpetrated by the gunman in the name of his religion. In the face of tragedies such as this one, or countless other events going on around the …

Buddhism why is it so trendy?

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This week we conclude our series on World Religions and we are looking at Buddhism. Buddhism has almost become a fashion statement in the western world; so many celebrities have come out publically to say that they have embraced or are sympathetic to the teachings or the Buddha. Buddhism predates Christianity by about 500 years and offers its followers a …

Christianity & Judaism

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Of all the world religions, Judaism is the one that Christians are most tempted to think they understand. We worship the same God don’t we? We read the same Holy scriptures? Surely it’s just a simple matter of explaining the good news of Jesus in order to help Jewish people understand. While these two world religions come from the same …

New Website

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Hi Everyone, This is a big shout out to Andy and Mike for all their hard work on getting the new website LIVE! Well done guys!!! Keep up the good work. Jono