Concord Baptist Church is a family of regular people who love Jesus and have found that life works best when we do it together with God and each other. Our goal is to be a welcoming and inclusive community of people; we might not have all the answers but we are listening to God’s Word and caring for one another along the way. As a church we are on a journey; seeking to discover what living with God’s Holy Spirit looks like in a multicultural city like Sydney. It is our privilege to worship together with people from a wide range of ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Our regular Sunday Service starts at 9:30am. All welcome!


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Latest Sermon at CBC

Dealing with Deception

Have you ever been lied to or taken advantage of?

It is a horrible feeling when someone you thought you could trust turns out to be a liar!

After the fall of Ai, Joshua is approached by a group of travellers; who appear to be an envoy from far far away.

Their clothes are old. Their shoes are tattered. Their food is moldy and dry.

When they ask Joshua for a treaty of peace, what is Joshua going to do?

How will we deal with those who seek to take advantage of us?

– Pastor Jono Smith (23 June 2024)